Wednesday anecdote: Nurse executive landed new CNO job.

“I’ve never really learned how to interview,” my client shared with me. “I never had to. I’m a nurse.”
The nursing shortage in the US has made it a long standing candidate’s market. An RN could quit a job today and be working somewhere else tomorrow without trying too hard. For those who want to advance into a leadership role, though, it’s a different story.
Instead of there being only one candidate for two job openings the tables are flipped. There are 10 great candidates for each leadership opportunity.
Our client, who had a master’s in nursing as well as an MBA struggled to break into the upper levels of leadership. She capped out as a unit manager.
“I think I’m losing out in the interview process,” she shared. “I feel like the interviews are going OK but then I don’t get advanced to the final rounds. Can you help me?”
We were able to diagnose quite a few areas where she needed work. She mastered the framework of the interview model, honed her value message and learned how to deliver it powerfully.
The placard on her desk now reads, Chief Nursing Officer.
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