Wednesday anecdote: Executive cashed in on PE exit and needed help doing it again

We’ve developed a new niche of clients over the last year or so. Several executives came on board as clients after making a successful exit from a Private Equity portfolio company. When the PE firm sold the company to someone else their piece of the equity netted them a few million for their efforts.
This particular client just made his third successful exit in 8 years. He loved it and wanted to do it again. The only problem was, the band broke up. He was an operating partner, not one of the deal makers, or general partners. The deal makers largely retired. Their exits were much larger and it was time to enjoy life.
“I need to connect with a new group,” he said. “But I honestly don’t know how. I was kind of in the right place at the right time 8 years ago.”
He was a great operations leader, knew how to make a business work and hit the targets in short order. We helped him package his value creation message. We helped him identify key players in targeted organizations and get conversations started.
A new band saw his value and he’s back in the game.
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