Perseverance Brings Needed Wind to the Sails

Wednesday anecdote: COO needed some wind in her sails to keep going.

She had twelve opportunities that invited her to interview on-site in nearly a year on the market. There were still more interviews that didn’t progress out of the phone or video stage. She was a finalist for 5 of them. Still hadn’t claimed the prize.

“I’m so frustrated,” she shared. “What am I doing wrong?”

“I think you might be looking at it from the wrong angle,” I shared. “You’re doing a lot of things very well. You’ve been a finalist 5 times for a COO spot. Head to head competition with another incredibly sharp executive.”

I went through the numbers with her. Each of those jobs drew at least 100 qualified applicants. They only phone screened 20 at the most. Five were invited for on-site interviews and only two for the finalist round. “You are in the top 2% of the other executives who were qualified applicants,” I reminded.

“But how do I get the top spot?” she asked.

“You just have to be you,” I said. “You’re saying all the right things in the interview but now they have to see the real you a little better. You got this!”

The next one was the winner. She just needed some wind in her sails so she could push through.

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