Wednesday anecdote: CFO needed help finding new job without pressures of unethical practices.

“So why are you in the market for a new job?” It’s the standard question when I first speak to a prospective client.
She paused for a few seconds and let out a sigh. “I resigned from my last position. The CEO wanted me to redo the financial statements just before a board meeting,” she said. “He was fearing for his job and didn’t want the board to see we had to write off a big chunk of revenue when we lost a key account.”
I could tell it caused her great pain to relate the story. She tried to get the CEO to change his mind. He was putting a lot of pressure on her. “You did the right thing,” I said.
“I hope so,” she said, not fully believing it. “I’ve really struggled with how to present this in the interviews I’ve had. They haven’t gone well. What’s this going to do to my career?”
“Enhance it,” I said. “We’ll help you get your narrative down. You’ll be able to present it with confidence and the new team will see you as someone who will help them make good decisions and keep them out of jail.”
It took a few months and a lot of practice. She nailed the next interview and has a much better situation where they value transparency.
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