Wednesday anecdote: CEO landed new opportunity from 3-way introduction

I got a call not long ago from a CEO who needed help. He was downsized when his last company was acquired by a Private Equity firm. Fortunately, they gave him a decent severance and wished him well.
One of the first people he called was the executive recruiter who placed him 4 years earlier. Unfortunately, the recruiter didn’t have anything for him at the time. “Why don’t you call Endeavor,” she said. “I know they help individual executives with some in-depth one on one work.”
I’ve always said, great things happen when you start conversations with interesting people and go on a voyage of exploration. Our new CEO client candidly shared it had been a while since he last looked for a job. He landed the recent one because the recruiter called him. He wasn’t even looking.
He felt awkward reaching out on his own. It just felt strange to start a lot of conversations with people more junior in level. It wasn’t that he was arrogant. He just didn’t know how to start.
We helped him start a lot of conversations via 3-way introductions once he was repackaged and branded. It took some time but he finally started the right conversation and landed his new job.
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