We’ve all heard them..

In fact, we have all likely used them many times. Fuzzy, non-committal answers are effective dodging tools when trying to avoid accountability.
But we need to get to the truth.
In general people avoid asking direct questions that seek a definite commitment to something. The person asking fears rejection in most cases and will water down the question so terribly that the meaning is often lost. When they do muster the courage to ask a direct, closing question seeking a yes/no response they often hear the fuzzy replies.
How do we get to the truth?
If you don’t hear a definite commitment to a specific action and a deadline attached then you must follow up with another question. Get more specific.
With each follow up question the respondent realizes it’s time to get to the truth. Either they make a commitment to get it done, or they say they are not. We fear communicating too clearly because it makes others uncomfortable. But, which is more uncomfortable, getting the truth now or being disappointed later?
Ask follow up questions until you get to the specific commitment and/or the truth.
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