Wednesday anecdote: Sales leader landed VP role.

It’s a big jump to go from individual producer in sales to district or regional manager leading a team. It’s an even bigger jump to reach the level of national vice president of sales.
The first call with this client was a bit of a dance. It started off with a lot of posturing. He had everything together, super successful. He wasn’t even sure he was actively in the market for new job, he told me. As the call progressed, though, he began to open up.
“OK, I’ll level with you. I’ve been passed over twice for the VP role here,” he confessed. “The last time was 6 months ago. I finally started looking outside the company. I’ve had 3 interviews and haven’t landed any of them. Can you help me make that jump?”
This moment of truth was no small matter. High level sales professionals build their careers on having an extreme air of confidence. They have to face rejection and challenge multiple times a day and keep going like there’s not a care in the world. That’s a superpower. For him to admit his humanity and seek our help meant he was finally ready for the growth he needed.
It wasn’t easy, for either of us. But he made the jump. VP of US sales.
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