I’m enjoying the tune, “It’s All About You,” by Kat Wright.

It has a good jazz, funk groove to it. It’s on my playlist, so the fact it started playing as I write this is pure serendipity. I had this blog planned more than a month ago.
The irony is the title lyrics encapsulate what’s going on in the head of most interviewers when they visit with a candidate on the phone. Candidates make the mistake of just focusing on themselves. “Me, me, me. I want. I want.”
Make the call about the other person. Uncover their needs. Be the solution to their challenges.
It’s a natural tendency. When we are looking for a new job and finally get someone, a real live person, on the other end of the phone. The excitement takes over. We simply can’t wait to tell them how great we are.
I remember a phone interview I had with a recruiter when I last looked for a job. The recruiter asked the predictable question. “So tell me about you.” Twenty minutes later I finally came up for air. I downloaded the Leo Tolstoy rendition of my career. She probably excused herself after about 5 minutes and went for coffee.
It’s not “All About You” There are two participants in any conversation. You will get much further when you make it “All About Them.”
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