Time is our most precious asset

How we invest our time determines most of our outcomes in life. It’s not just the big investments of large blocks of time that matter. The small, daily increments of time can lead to massive returns.
15 minutes. How much is 15 minutes worth? What can you really achieve in 15 minutes?
If it’s 15 minutes invested daily over an extended period of time you can achieve far more than you imagined. Do the math. In just a week, 15 minutes a day becomes 1.75 hours. Over a year it becomes 91 hours. That’s more than half a month of a full time job.
Each of us wastes far more than 15 minutes a day in a multitude of ways. First, identify the sources of that wasted time. Second, have a plan for how you would reinvest that time. Then, repurpose it.
Most activities in life are achieved with small increments of activity. There are thousands of activities at home and work which we could achieve something productive with this amount of time.
Whether you seek gains in work productivity, or personal life enjoyment, invest your small increments of time wisely.
Time is our most precious asset