Define Your Value to Improve Contract Negotiations

Define your value effectively in the interview and you will improve your outcomes in contract negotiations.

our client’s story

“This negotiation went so much better than the last time I went through it,” my client shared. “The previous company had no interest in negotiating at all. In fact, they gave me 24 hours to decide if I wanted the job or they were going to offer it to someone else. What’s up with that?”

“There can be multitude of variables,” I said. “However, it sounds like the last time they had several candidates in mind and didn’t really see a huge difference from one to the next. They were prepared to walk away.”

“How was that different this time?” she asked.

“This time you were a much more powerful communicator of your value,” I shared. “It wasn’t a close contest. They were no longer even interested in the other candidates and were much more open to meeting your needs for fear of losing you to someone else.”

Your performance in the interview not only wins you the offer, it sets the stage for negotiations. If the employer views you as a commodity that is easily interchanged with someone else they have no incentive to budge on price.

It’s the simple lessons of supply and demand. When you create your own demand curve by breaking away from the pack then you are rare and valuable.

Define your value as a field of one.

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