The Haven’t Read My Resume

“They hadn’t even read my resume,” the CEO client said incredulously after his interview. “Can you believe it? I’m meeting with the board and several of the questions they asked could have easily been answered had they just read the resume.”

I laughed. “Of course. That’s not even unusual. That’s just human nature.”

“Really?” he asked in amazement. “Even for a CEO interview with a board of directors?”

“Even more so,” I said. I explained that boards aren’t full time employees. They show up to meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis, read through the reports and make decisions. Some of them will be thoroughly prepared. Others go through the motions. It’s just human stuff.

We help our clients build resumes where key things will jump off the page and prompt the casual reader to see targeted things quickly. A resume is primarily used by interviewers as a cheat sheet to scan during an interview to ask reasonable sounding questions.

Most of the executive candidates who were invited to the interview did not go through an on-line application process. They came through the back door by making a connection on the inside.

The resume is still important but understand how it’s used and build it to meet that purpose.

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