“There is no downside. Let’s just have some fun with it.”

One of our agents shared this bit of consulting advice recently with a client. She expressed her fears of reaching out to people she did not know to start conversations. She just could not bring herself to do it.
So, her agent said he would do it for her.
Our clients turn to us to help them improve their odds of getting their foot in the door for interviews. They were frustrated, previously, with sending in applications but never hearing anything in reply. We help them gain access to the back door. But, it relies on making connections with people on the inside and starting conversations.
Most people simply won’t do it.
Fear of rejection and fear of embarrassment are the primary deterrents. Even when we point out that there is no downside the imagined horrors prevent them from doing it. They fear others will view them as a clown or someone who is pushy. False illusions.
When we make direct, 3-way introductions, of our clients to others, even when we don’t know the other people, the odds go up dramatically of getting your foot in the door. It’s infinitely higher than doing nothing and much easier than cold calling.
There is no downside. Let’s just have some fun with it.
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