There are so many emotions tied up in a profile picture

We all struggle with self image to some degree. Even the most beautiful models wrestle with their image.
One of the first things we help clients achieve is getting a new profile picture. Rarely do we have a new client start who doesn’t need this. It has nothing to do with how attractive they are. It has everything to do with sending the message you want to send to others about who you are.
Many clients resist and try to convince us that we should just use the profile picture they already have. However, it’s often clear, after visiting with them on a video call, that picture is from at least 5 years ago.
Your profile picture should look like the you of today and not the you of 5 years ago.
Yes, there might be more gray hairs, or fewer hairs. We like to think of ourselves as the younger person we remember. But, the new people we will be meeting never knew that younger person. If you show up for the interview and look very different than your profile picture, it does not help you. In fact, it will likely go the other direction.
Confidently present the you of today in your profile picture and show up to your interview as a genuine representation of that confident you.
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