The visual image you put forward matters

Even the counter culture revolutionaries have a distinctive style, which ironically approaches a certain uniformity. They want to send a message about their ideology in much the same manner as executives do about theirs.
You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes to look sharp. It does require an investment of time and effort, though.
Yes, you could go to a custom clothier and drop several thousand dollars and leave with only a few ensembles. Of course, they will likely look amazing. But, you can build a great wardrobe of every day work attire without breaking the bank.
First, have a general idea of what your style is. It doesn’t require deep soul searching. Company dress codes and your personal tastes go a long way to setting your parameters.
Next, pay attention to style trends. What are others wearing that looks good and fits your style?
Take stock of what you have in your wardrobe and identify items you need to build multiple ensembles.
Shop and buy strategically. Look for things ahead of time and watch for sales.
Use accessory items to add color and variety. You might have staple items you wear often but the accessories can inexpensively change things up.
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