The questions you ask, as a candidate, in an interview play many important roles in the process.

Unfortunately, too many candidates fail to put much thought into their questions, or worse, never ask any.
Your questions not only demonstrate the level of research you did in preparation for the interview, they also present another opportunity for you to make a strong point about you as a candidate. It’s not just about your question and their answer, but also about your follow up after their answer.
For instance, you could ask, “what are the key attributes you want to see in the right candidate?”
When the interviewer responds with a list of the core attributes, you listen carefully. Then, you can follow up to briefly highlight how you exhibit some of those attributes.
“I noted how you mentioned you need someone who can (insert attribute). Here are some examples of how I’ve done that in the recent past.”
Your responses should not go on for an extended period of time. But, a brief highlight will help reinforce why you are the candidate they seek. Put as much thought into the questions you plan to ask as for the ones you expect from them. Set yourself up for success knowing where you want to lead the conversation.
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