The job market is an inefficient mess

I talk to thousands of candidates each year who are frustrated. They can’t find the jobs they want. The same goes for employers who commonly complain they can’t find good talent.
What would I change to make it more efficient? Simple…nothing!
Why would I not want to make it more efficient? That sounds strange.
First, I have a vested interest in the market not being efficient. People hire my firm to help them navigate its craziness. It really is the main reason my firm exists.
Second, you shouldn’t want it either. An efficient market that allows everyone to have equal, transparent access means you will always be in direct competition with the strongest possible competitors who are also looking.
The inefficiencies provide an advantage for those who will take the time to figure out how to access it. The Byzantine system of hundreds of job boards, thousands of recruiting firms and the giant hidden market of unposted jobs create a barrier to entry for those who aren’t willing to go the extra mile or make the investment to succeed.
The only animal in the food chain that wants perfect efficiency is the one at the very top. The rest use barriers to their advantage.
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