The Importance of Staying Organized in Your Job Search.

Your job search outcomes depend on you staying organized.

Staying organized in your job search

“This is really pretty,” I said to a former employee many years ago as I walked by her cubicle. Multi-colored Post-It Notes adorned seemingly every available space. I was new to the organization and wanted to try and meet everyone on the team. “Is it an art project or collage of some kind?”

“No,” she said. “This is my reminder system.” She explained that each color had a different meaning and level of urgency. I listened for several minutes to the detailed explanation.

“I see,” I said in response. “You travel at least one week a month to meet with clients and prospective clients, right?”

“Yes, sometimes two weeks in a month,” she replied.

“How do you keep track of these reminders when you’re out of the office for a week?” I asked.

She looked at her computer blankly after the question. The answer escaped her. Her production reflected the haphazard system she used. The good news was that she was trying to stay organized. She put in the work. But, she wasn’t using the CRM the company provided to help her. We worked to get that changed and her outcomes steadily improved because of it.

Most candidates use a similar haphazard approach to their job search. They either scribble down notes in a random fashion or don’t do much of anything. Their job search efforts reflect their system of organization.

Disorganized candidates forget key details of the last conversation. They fail to follow up in a timely fashion to stay top of mind with recruiters and employers. They miss appointments for phone calls and even interviews.

We teach our clients good ways to stay organized. Our team provides resources to help clients track the details and take good notes. We provide reminders about the need to follow up.

Your job search outcomes improve with better organization.

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