The door to my office stays open.

Rarely is it ever closed. I do this to communicate that my team is welcome to come in. They are not an interruption to my day but rather the purpose of why I’m here.
Agents come in to discuss tactics to help clients negotiate new employment agreements, prepare for interviews or overcome the many challenges clients face in their job searches. Sales team members stop by to share the good news of an exciting new executive who just signed on. Support and research staff pop by to propose changes in the process to make things more efficient or discuss a resource we could add to help secure more interviews for clients.
It’s not a distraction. It’s the reason I’m here. They can see when I’m on the phone so they’ll stop by later. If the discussion needs to take more than a few minutes, they will set up a time or bring it up at one of our regular meetings. The rest of the time, they just walk in. We visit. Things get addressed quickly.
The open door policy works. But, it takes a commitment on the part of the leader and an environment of welcoming.
The door is open. Let’s visit.
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