Interim CEO Wants the Permanent Role

Executives who hold the title of “interim CEO” must compete effectively if they want to win the permanent role.

compete to win the permanent role as interim cEO

“The board asked me to be the interim CEO about 3 months ago,” she shared. “I agreed and let them know I would be interested in the permanent role.”

“Great,” I replied. “Then what?”

“Well,” she said, then paused. “Nothing, really. The board selected an executive recruiting firm to manage the search and I’ve heard nothing since.”

“Oh,” I said. “Have you asked for an update?”

“I did talk to one of the board members. He said since I expressed interest in the job then I would have to be treated like all the other candidates so it’s fair,” she said. “Should I be worried?”

There is always reason to be doubtful when the company hires an outside firm if you are the inside candidate. It doesn’t mean you won’t be considered or even win the job. It does mean they are not entirely convinced you are the right person for the role.

If you want the job then you have to compete. You can’t sit back and wait for them to come to you. If you were the heir apparent they would have already done so and saved the money spent on the recruiting firm.

Then, keep in mind, when the new leader comes in he or she will want their own leaders around them. You were a competitor for the role and they might not want you around much longer. Be prepared.

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