That grand old house.

I see it, and others like it, and always wonder, “what happened?” Glorious homes that cost a lot of money to build sit in disrepair. There was an affluent family who lived there at one time.
But something happened….something sent the family, and consequently the house, backwards.
Careers are much like houses. They take a lot of work, care, investment and maintenance to stay in great shape. As our careers change and grow, we might upgrade our houses. But, as things go the other direction, maintenance gets deferred. If something significantly bad happens it might send us into a tailspin.
Skill development, networking and staying up to date with changes in the market are examples of the constant career maintenance activities one needs to do. We have to build time into our daily work lives to accomplish these things or time gets away from us.
The good news is this old house can be grand once again. It will require a big investment. This is no longer minor maintenance. This is a major renovation project that calls for a crew who specializes in renovating old homes.
Even smaller renovation projects can call for the help of a professional career contractor. What’s the state of your career dwelling?
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