Shannon Hubler

The most valuable thing in being partnered with Endeavor was the life coaching I received from my agent. I appreciated the new resume, the interview preparation, the creating conversation training, but the coaching I received made the biggest difference. It made me challenge a number of well-entrenched beliefs and come to conclusions that I’d never thought possible. I learned to cleanly and succinctly articulate my professional value proposition. When you know who you are, what you do, and the value that comes with that you’re better able to steer the conversation where you want, not where they try to take it. 

To future Endeavor clients: Take the leap, but understand that the process only works if the client puts in the work. If you have a severance from your previous employer, don’t wait until it is nearly gone. Get started looking right away. Procrastination is a killer and having someone to hold you accountable is invaluable.