Robert Gonzalez

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Endeavor on a major career change. I had been in the Aviation industry for nearly 25 years when I received the call that, like thousands of others in this vertical, I had been furloughed. It was then that I decided to find a new, less fragile profession but I was not quite sure how to proceed. I reached out to Endeavor Agency to provide guidance on the correct route to take on this new career path… and they succeed beyond my wildest expectations. I was matched up with my agent, who, from day one, was open and honest about Endeavor’s process. This was no magical panacea – they weren’t promising to have me hired-up in a flash, but they did promise to work as hard as possible to provide me with the necessary tools and plan of action to assist me in landing my dream job. This is exactly what happened. My agent is a phenomenal coach. His guidance kept me focused and motivated throughout the entire process and he was always available for me whenever I needed assistance on a particular topic. I truly want to thank him and the entire team at Endeavor Agency for providing unmatched service and support, and I can sincerely and highly recommend them to everyone who may need their services.