In early interview rounds, a question about your three strongest traits or strongest things you could bring to the interviewer’s organization is usually asked. “I’m a people person. I have a strong work ethic and I have a commitment to integrity,” goes the common reply from someone who has not anticipated this question. This answer … Continued

Evaluating job opportunities is important in your job hunt. It’s a skill that takes knowledge and discipline to learn. “What are the principle challenges you are facing in your job search?” It’s a question we ask prospective clients as part of our introductory meeting. Everyone’s situation is different. “I keep taking jobs with companies that … Continued

In part one, we covered why the holidays are actually a great time for networking and search for a job. In this article, Endeavor highlights the steps you can do to improve your job search and, ultimately, land a new job. The Five Networking Actions to Take During the Holidays Reconnect with Your Existing Network … Continued

The holidays are great opportunities to network and move your job search forward. Job seekers too often make the mistake of assuming the last several weeks of the year are not fruitful for networking. In reality, the holidays present a prime opportunity to cut through the noise of the normal busy times of the year … Continued

Candidates who send thank you cards after an interview earn valuable extra credit. This extra credit could be the difference maker in determining whether you win the job offer or receive a rejection letter. This article highlights the importance of sending thank you cards as well as emails. Additionally, it offers concrete action steps to … Continued

This article seeks to help busy executives find the success they desire and covers the importance of making the time commitment needed to succeed in their job search. Make a commitment to the time needed FOR YOUR executive JOB SEARCH Our clients are all busy. They do things constantly. Many executives use the word “busy” … Continued

The best time to begin your search for a new job, even in uncertain economic times, is the moment you realize you want a new job. Job search in an uncertain economy “I’m concerned about the uncertainty in the economy,” the prospective client shared with me. “Is now a good time to change jobs?” She … Continued

An executive client shared good advice after she placed to help Endeavor Agency market our services more effectively. Marketing job search services advice “You really need to do a better job of marketing yourselves and rounding up more testimonials to share,” our client shared in her placement debrief. She accepted her new job and we … Continued

Career coaching shares many similarities with working with a personal trainer in fitness. Our client’s CAREER COACHING story “What are your thoughts about our process, now that you know the details?” It’s a common question we ask new clients at the end of our initial client consult. “It reminds me a lot of working out … Continued

“They hadn’t even read my resume,” a client said incredulously in an after-interview discussion with an Endeavor agent. “Can you believe it? I’m meeting with the board and several of the questions they asked could have easily been answered had they just read the resume.” The agent told the client that them not reading his … Continued

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask your questions at the beginning of the job interview? Most candidates don’t ask questions until the end. Why would this be a good idea? It would help you address the things that are most important to the interviewer all throughout your visit. We teach our clients to … Continued

For those who don’t have a background image on your LinkedIn profile, it shows up as a light blue band of nothingness. This is prime marketing real estate. Use this empty space to your full advantage in your job search. Most of the surveys we’ve seen about how viewers look at LinkedIn show they spend … Continued