Outplacement Services A Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) recently called from a colleague’s referral to discuss our Outplacement Services. A visit with a human resources executive about outplacement “A colleague from our HR society, SHRM, referred me to you,” the Chief Human Resources Officer said. “She spoke very highly of your outplacement services and I … Continued

Whoever said, “Don’t sweat the little things,” must have never entered into employment contract negotiations. Employment Contract Negotiation Effective contract negotiation drives value for an employment agreement even if it’s just one small thing. One small thing often changes the entire dynamic of a negotiation process leading to a positive ROI. What is that one … Continued

Our Client’s Story “I’m waiting to hear back on an opportunity where I interviewed,” the prospective client shared with me. “If that doesn’t pan out I’m definitely going to work with you.” “Sounds reasonable,” I replied. “If I may ask, where are you in the interview process with this other opportunity?” If he was just … Continued