Sr. Director of Technology left big company for excitement of growing a smaller one.

“It’s just not the same as it was,” she said. “It was a lot of fun several years ago when we were growing explosively. But now, it’s just another big corporation.”
From an outsider’s view it looked like she should be on top of the world. She was one of the early employees with a tech company that took off. Her compensation was great. The stock grants and options were worth millions and she hadn’t sold any of it yet. She had a great office and led a team of sharp people.
But, she still wasn’t happy.
“I really liked the challenge of growing a small company,” she confided. “Every day there was some big problem to tackle. Sometimes we didn’t think we could even survive as a company. Sounds strange, but I really enjoyed that.”
It took a while because she wanted to find the right opportunity. But she found what she wanted.
We need challenges to drive us forward. Yes, most of us have plenty of days where we wish we had far fewer. But, the joy of standing on top of the mountain isn’t just for the view once you’re there. A big part of the joy is celebrating the conquest of all the obstacles you faced on the way up.
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