Sometimes you see things in nature that just make you slow down and appreciate life.

If we pause, breathe deeply, just listen and observe, the majesty of life washes away any other trivial concerns we might have.
The world around us is much bigger, far older, full of wisdom to share. Our brief lives seem like the passing of a day to the rest of nature. The stress we feel at work, the relationship challenges one might have all seem insignificant when set against the backdrop of processes that play out over millions of years.
I took this photo on a recent trip to Niagara Falls. I had never been. The weather was absolutely perfect. Staring at the rushing water making its way down the river to plunge over the edge of one of the three falls that comprise this natural wonder was awe inspiring.
Vacations are difficult for busy professionals, executives and small business owners. It’s challenging to clear the mind of all the daily tasks we face. Work tends to follow us everywhere we go. But the power of nature has a way to bring all the focus on the present.
While staring into the mist we were blessed with one more sign of nature’s glory. A rainbow.
I hope this photo can share at least a small part of the same peace I felt. Enjoy!
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