Prepare Ahead of Time for Being Fired

It’s important to prepare ahead of time for being fired.
Your boss calls you unexpectedly. “Will you come to my office for a meeting?” As you walk toward the office your senses start to tingle. Something isn’t right.
As you open the door you see your boss and someone from the Human Resources department sitting beside him. Now you know what’s coming.
Whether it’s a downsizing, reorganization or a termination you never want to be caught off guard. Those next few minutes are critically important for your future career. If you don’t handle it well it could cost you dearly.
Prepare ahead of time. If you wait until it actually happens it’s too late. You simply won’t know how to react, what to say and what not to say.
First, recognize that this isn’t the end of your career or something that should devastate you. Even if you’re being terminated for cause you can recover and have a great career ahead if you have good guidance.
Second, avoid having an emotional meltdown. We don’t make good decisions when our emotions are out of control.
Third, don’t sign or agree to anything on the spot. Listen intently. Gather the details and assure them you will get back to them promptly.
Lastly, seek guidance from a professional who has helped others through this situation. Your outcomes will be far better.
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