Email Intro to Someone I Didn’t Know

“Remind me, have we met before?” came the email reply. I introduced one of my clients to a key person inside an organization she was targeting for a job. She didn’t know anyone on the inside. Neither did I. Unfortunately, she just couldn’t bring herself to reach out to someone she didn’t know. I said I would do a 3-way intro via email because I was able to locate his email.

I replied. “I don’t believe we have. I just wanted to highly recommend the friend I mentioned. You couldn’t go wrong with an investment of 15 minutes of visiting on the phone with her. Let me know how I can help.”

This time it worked. He replied and set up a call. It doesn’t always work, but the odds are infinitely greater than if she never reached out at all.

Most of the time there is either no reply or the person just replies and happily takes the call. It’s rare to get the question of “do I know you?”

Fear is what holds us back in most cases. Fear of rejection. Fear of embarrassment. Those are internal emotions that we control. Once you let go of those things you can do anything.

But for all of those clients who can’t, I’m happy to help get the conversation started. Happy Friday!

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