Regimen, Routine and Uniform Add Structure to Work From Home

Working from home presents many challenges. The structure and routine disappear from our normal office day. Add regimen to your days and wear the uniform to play the role.

Generals love regimen, routine and uniform

Generals love to wear their uniforms. The medals shine and reinforce the message to all those who follow what their role and purpose is. Most of all, it reminds the general to play the part at all times. The uniform sets expectations.

Executives and professionals who roll out of bed an hour later than normal during a work from home day don’t have a regimen. Their structure was cast aside because they did not adapt to their new setting. Those who stay in their pajamas and choose not to shower look lost and inwardly don’t feel like they are a leader. It affects our moods and takes a toll on our productivity and performance.

Stick to your daily routine

If you want to stay productive during this challenging time stick to your daily regimen. The routine will help you stay focused on your mission for the day. It will also help you avoid the distractions of all the news stories written to incite us all into a state of anxiety.

Set your alarm clock for the same time you would normally. Get up and go through your normal routine of getting ready for work. Wear the same professional clothing you would wear to the office. The uniform will remind you of your role and purpose, even if no one else sees you.

Take breaks in the same pattern as you would at the office. Stretch your legs or step outside to see the sun. Schedule your lunch time following the same times as any other office day. Stay away from the refrigerator  and avoid the constant urge to snack.

Schedule your day and plan how you want to use your time. Then, execute your plan and work through the full day. Some schedules will need to be slightly different due to the new arrangements if you are also working with kids on their school work. That’s understandable. But, establish the schedule so everyone understands what needs to be done and when.

Routine, regimen and uniform help you maintain structure and purpose. Use them to your benefit while working from home.

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