Value the People Who Will Tell You Straight.

We need mentors who will who tell us straight. Receiving feedback and critique is painful for most people. Inside, we all desperately crave praise and validation. But, if we don’t listen to those who are sharing how to improve we will walk blindly through life with a false perception.

Value the people who will tell you straight. They are the ones who truly care about you.

At first, we don’t believe this. We think those are the people who hate us. They’re just trying to tear us down. In some cases that might be true. It all depends on how the message is delivered. But, if it’s delivered in a way that isn’t just mean spirited accept it in the spirit it was intended.

Top performers in any profession must have people around them who will tell them when they have food stuck in their teeth, their pants have a tear in them or their presentation wasn’t very good.

Value the people who will tell you straight. Don’t avoid them. Seek them out and ask for their unvarnished feedback. Then, tell them, “thank you.” They are the ones who truly care about you.

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