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There are only 3 categories where any candidate can learn of a job lead: Job Postings; Recruiting Firms; and Word of Mouth. Endeavor Agency helps clients in all three areas.

Job Postings – Most candidates know of only 4 or 5 job boards which they use regularly. There are hundreds! Individuals simply do not have the time, knowledge or resources to find them all. Endeavor Agency invested hundreds of hours in compiling a database of nearly 300 job boards for you to utilize. Even better, our support team will help you find appropriate postings and forward them to you. Endeavor helps you make the connections and start the conversations with key people on the inside of the company to improve your odds more than 10x of getting your foot in the door for an interview.

Recruiting Firms – Individual job seekers generally know of only a small handful of recruiters. There are more than 100,000 recruiters in the US and hundreds of leading firms. Endeavor Agency invested tremendous time and resources in compiling a database of several hundred leading firms, categorized by their focus with hot links to their websites. Most recruiting firms do not advertise their jobs publicly. They prefer to hunt their candidates. About 40% will post their openings on their company page. Endeavor gives you immediate access to these postings, which you would likely have never found otherwise. Additionally, Endeavor helps you make the connections and start the conversations with targeted recruiters to improve your odds dramatically of securing the interview.

Word of Mouth – More than 80% of all jobs are filled via word of mouth without ever being advertised. There is only one way to find a job lead that is filled via word of mouth – you have to put yourself in the conversation. Endeavor helps you target the specific companies you want. Then we help you identify the key people on the inside, make connections and start conversations.

Working with Endeavor helps you identify many more job leads and get your foot in the door for interviews.

Career Planning

Everyone goes through different phases and changes in their lives that take them in different directions professionally. Change causes significant anxiety in most people. Endeavor listens closely to its clients to know more about them as a person, as well as an executive, to help them get a clear picture of what they want out of their careers and lives.

Professional Career Marketing

Before you can start looking for a new opportunity you need to have your professional marketing presentation in the best possible shape. Endeavor helps you with your CV, Cover Letters and On-Line Profiles. Good employers want to see a sharp, well put together candidate and Endeavor helps to ensure that you stand above the other applicants. Employers in nice locations have many, well-qualified applicants from which to choose. Endeavor helps present you in a way that assures them that you are the right one to join their team.

Interview Preparation and Coaching

Securing an interview is wonderful. But, the company also invited 10-20 other sharp candidates for the first round who look and sound a lot like you. Winning the offer for good jobs normally involves a series of interviews, which could involve 4 or 5 rounds, or more. Endeavor Agency prepares clients to win using the Proactive Interview model, which teaches clients how to drive home their value and steer the interview to a successful close of securing the next steps. Your Endeavor agent will conduct live mock interviews via video conference to help you craft your answers and improve your skills. Remember, your competitors have generally won the interviews for which they have competed, too. What is your competitive advantage? The training, coaching and practice you receive from Endeavor Agency.

Opportunity Evaluation

Most opportunities look great to a candidate on the interview, but every employer can put on a good show and hide the dirty laundry for a short period of time. The average tenure for a professional with a new organization in less than three years, largely because they soon realized things were not entirely as they seemed in the interview. To make a good decision you need to have as much information as possible about the opportunity and not just what the employer is presenting. Endeavor helps you do this due diligence work to “look behind the curtains” and find out a lot more about the opportunity before you sign on the line with them. Every opportunity has both positives and negatives but the employer will likely never tell you about the downsides because they are trying to sell you something. Having an objective, third party expert on your side helps you clear away the many filters to get a better understanding of the organization. You do not want to be one of the horror stories mentioned to future professionals of what not to do and set your career back substantially because of mistakes made in this step of the process. While no system is perfect, having good guidance tremendously improves your odds of getting a good deal.

Contract Negotiation

Business experts will tell you that negotiating directly for yourself, without assistance, is a huge mistake. Negotiations are full of pressure, even friendly ones. If it is your job, your new practice and your livelihood on the line there is no way for you to be unemotional. Even professional negotiators don’t like negotiating for themselves in person because it becomes very personal. Negotiation is a skill set that takes years to master just as it took many years to become a competent executive leader. You would not let someone perform surgery on you who had just recently read a book about it but never performed one, would you? Why would you even consider negotiating your employment agreement yourself if you have had no training in it? Your career, your livelihood and hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake. Endeavor’s guidance in this area alone can more than pay for your entire investment.

Relocation Assistance

Getting a new job as a professional most of the time means moving to a new city. It is a huge undertaking to move your entire household from one city to the next. Moving is one of the most stressful events in any family’s life. Endeavor provides you with significant assistance to help make the whole process a lot less stressful.


Now that you have read about Endeavor Agency and the many ways our firm can help you in your leadership career, undoubtedly you will have additional questions or want to know how to take the next step. Many of the most frequently asked questions are listed below but feel free to contact us at any time.

A recruiting firm is hired by the employer and paid by the employer to sell their job opportunity to potential candidates. Recruiters can be knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant individuals and Endeavor works with recruiting firms frequently. But recruiters do not work for you. Good opportunities in nice metropolitan locations rarely ever get outsourced to recruiting firms as employers located there have plenty of access to professional candidates who want to be there. You will likely only find these opportunities if you have the time, resources and willingness to do a lot of cold calling and networking. Endeavor knows how to get you in front of these employers and open the door to many more opportunities in nice locations.

When it is time to look at legal agreements Endeavor recommends that a licensed attorney be involved. There is too much at stake not to have good guidance. If you have a good relationship with your current attorney and believe he or she has expertise in the areas needed, we encourage you to do so. If you do not have an attorney then Endeavor can line you up with one who has the expertise that you need.

Our firm Endeavors to provide its executive leader clients with the full comprehensive array of services in a simple and affordable package price. Our pay for performance model was established so you will not have to make a significant investment until the job is done. Your investment is based on the value you receive in your new agreement and our clients consistently see that they get much more in return than they invest. We Endeavor to make our clients money as well as make certain they get the right opportunity and are adequately protected.

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R.O. - Alabama

“(My Endeavor Agent) and the team at Endeavor were personally invested in my success in landing the right executive position. Because it had been 20 years since I had actively searched for an executive position, (My Endeavor Agent) was helpful in laying out the landscape of approaches that would be most effective in this day and age of electronic communications and social media. It was also good to have a colleague such as (My Endeavor Agent) who served as a sounding board regarding opportunities, helped me re-invigorate my interviewing skills from the applicant versus employing executive perspective, helped me find new ways to connect with senior executives, and assisted with negotiating the final compensation package. What attracted me to Endeavor and (My Endeavor Agent) was that they were willing to put in extensive time and resources with only performance-based compensation. This tells me they were confident in their methods and skills. (My Endeavor Agent) was always available when needed within a narrow time span. Overall, the process was very helpful and (My Endeavor Agent) fulfilled his contractual obligations fully.”

P.K. – California

“(My Endeavor Agent) was gifted with sincerity, personal care and complete attention to you. Working with him is like working with an old and trusted friend. He brought to the table increased focus, clarity of direction and amazing negotiation. At all times, he stayed fully available to me and has left me with improved skills that are mine to keep for good! My Agent’s analyzed and anticipated timelines for goal completion proved very accurate and I am the recipient of a successful outcome. I recommend Endeavor highly to anyone who wishes to maximize potential and achieve goals.”

S.K. - California

“(My Endeavor Agent) connects very easily with the client at personal and professional fronts and pays attention to details at all levels of the work in progress. This makes the process truly customized to individual needs. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a methodical approach to achieve their goals be it short or long term!”

​P.R. – Georgia

“Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. (My Endeavor Agent) was awesome, well worth the cost. I would not be where I am today without (My Agent)’s guidance and direction. Experienced. Thorough. Supportive. Great Adviser. She knows the professional industry.”

B.L - Tennessee

“I signed on with Endeavor to help me make sure I was making a good decision and negotiate the terms of an offer I had in front of me. (My Endeavor Agent) walked me through a lot of things I would have never considered and not only helped me get a better deal, but also saved me from making some critical mistakes. It was well worth the investment. He was easy to reach all throughout the process and even helped my family with the details of relocation. I will be looking forward to working with him for the rest of my career as a trusted adviser.”

C.L. – North Carolina

“Why did I not get this kind of guidance earlier in my career? Endeavor not only helped me find many more opportunities than I was seeing through my own search efforts, they kept the process moving and I wasn’t left wondering what to expect next. They coached me through the whole interview process so that I was getting great offers. But the best part came when it was time to negotiate the contract. Wow! I had no idea how many things there were to consider. I got way more in return than what I had to invest. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a new job.”

S.P. – Illinois

“(My Endeavor Agent) has been a great resource for me as a professional agency in my recent job search. She was readily accessible to me to help answer my many questions, which was very reassuring. Having her help during the opportunity search and negotiations was immensely valuable. I would strongly recommend her to any of my colleagues.”