Securing Interviews

There are only three categories where any candidate can learn of a job lead: job postings, recruiting firms, and word of mouth. Endeavor Agency helps clients in all three areas.

Most candidates know of only four or five job boards which they use regularly. There are hundreds! Individuals simply do not have the time, knowledge or resources to find them all. Endeavor Agency invested hundreds of hours in compiling a database of numerous job boards for you to utilize. Endeavor helps you make the connections and start the conversations with key people on the inside of a wide variety of health care organizations to improve your odds by more than 10x of getting your foot in the door for an interview instead of just submitting an application.

Individual job seekers generally know of only a small handful of recruiters. There are more than 200,000 recruiters in the U.S. at hundreds of leading firms. Endeavor Agency invested tremendous time and resources into compiling a database of several hundred leading firms, categorized by their focus with hot links to their websites. Most recruiting firms do not advertise their jobs publicly. They prefer to hunt their candidates. Additionally, Endeavor helps you identify targeted recruiters to improve your odds dramatically of securing an interview. We help you craft verbiage to use to reach out. Most importantly, Endeavor will help you overcome the emotional challenges of reaching out to people you don’t know. These actions will help you secure countless more screening calls with recruiters.

More than 80% of all jobs are filled via word of mouth without ever being advertised. There is only one way to find a job lead that is filled via word of mouth – you have to put yourself in the conversation. Endeavor helps you target the specific companies you want. Then we help you identify the key people on the inside, make connections and start conversations. The main obstacle preventing most candidates from accessing this largest pool of potential jobs is fear. Endeavor will help you overcome the emotional challenges of reaching out to people you don’t know. These actions will help you uncover many job leads that are not advertised in the very companies for which you want to work.

Career Planning

Everyone goes through different career phases in their lives that may take them in different directions. Change causes significant anxiety in most people. Endeavor listens closely to its clients to know more about them as a person, as well as an physician, to help them get a clear picture of what they want out of their careers and lives.

Professional Career Marketing

Before you can start looking for a new opportunity, you need to have your professional career documents and supporting materials in the best possible shape. Endeavor helps you with your resume/CV, cover letters and online profiles. Good employers want to see a sharp, professional physician and Endeavor helps ensure you stand above others for the job you are seeking. Employers generally have many well-qualified applicants from which to choose. Endeavor helps present you in a way that communicates you are the right one to join the employer’s team.

Interview Preparation and Coaching

Securing an interview is wonderful. However, the company also invited 10-20 other candidates for first-round interviews who have similar experiences and qualifications. Winning the offer for leadership and high-level health care jobs normally involves a series of interviews, which could include four or five rounds, or more. Endeavor Agency prepares clients to win the offer using the Proactive Interview model. This proprietary model teaches clients how to drive home their value and navigate each interview to a successful close to secure the next steps. Your Endeavor agent will conduct live mock interviews via video conference and telephone to help you craft your answers and improve your interview skills. Remember, your competitors have generally won the interviews for which they have competed, too. What is your competitive advantage? The training, coaching and practice you receive from Endeavor Agency.

Opportunity Evaluation

Most opportunities look great to a candidate during the interview process, but every employer can put on a good front and hide their negatives for a short period of time. The average tenure for a professional with a new organization is less than three years, largely because they soon realize things were not entirely as they seemed before working there. To make a good decision, you need to have as much information as possible about the opportunity and not just what the employer is presenting. Endeavor helps you do this review work. Having good guidance tremendously improves your odds of getting a good opportunity.

Contract Negotiation

Employment experts will tell you that negotiating directly for yourself, without assistance, is a huge mistake. Negotiations are full of pressure, even friendly ones. If your job, new practice and your livelihood on the line, there is no way for you to remain unemotional. Even professional negotiators don’t like negotiating for themselves in person because it becomes very personal. Negotiation is a skill set that takes years to master just as it took many years to become a competent leader. You would not let someone perform surgery on you who had just recently read a book about it but never performed one, would you? Why would you even consider negotiating your employment agreement yourself if you have had no training in it? Your career, your livelihood and hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake. Endeavor’s guidance in this area alone can more than pay for your entire investment.

Relocation Assistance

Landing a new job as a physician most of the time means moving to a new city. It is a huge undertaking to move your entire household from one city to the next. Moving is one of the most stressful events in any family’s life. Endeavor provides you with significant assistance to help make the whole process a lot less stressful.


After learning about Endeavor Agency and how we can help you navigate to a better career outcome, you may have additional questions or be ready to take your first step. Below are questions we regularly receive from potential clients. Click on each question to reveal our answer. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have additional questions beyond those listed below.

The average time frame, start to finish, is three to six months. You are the captain of this journey, which means we go at your pace. Working with Endeavor and going at a steady, consistent pace should reduce the time you are securing your next job versus someone doing everything on their own.

The services offered by Endeavor are focused to help physicians, executives and professionals who generally have an income of $150,000 and higher. Our services are equally beneficial in every industry segment and the Endeavor team has helped clients in nearly every professional field. Endeavor mainly focuses on the United States market with clients in every state and nearly every metropolitan area.

Endeavor helps you find job leads through posted jobs, outside recruiting firms and word of mouth. We bring manpower, expertise, perseverance, a disciplined process and additional resources to help you succeed.

We locate key individuals inside your targeted organizations and generate a report that includes the contact information of those individuals for clients. We also craft outreach messaging for clients to use when reaching out to those key individuals.

Endeavor improves your chances of securing an interview by going beyond just sending an application and waiting for a call that will probably never come. Interviews are secured by starting conversations with key people inside a targeted organization. Everyone has a certain amount of fear and/or discomfort with reaching out to people they don’t know. Endeavor helps clients overcome these obstacles to take the actions needed to secure interviews.

That’s great! Endeavor collaborates with you on ALL job leads, regardless of the source. We expect clients to be active in uncovering leads, and we will also help you evaluate the opportunity. If it’s a job you want to pursue, we will support you to increase your odds of landing an interview.

Endeavor also helps you with improving your chances of winning an offer, evaluating that offer and negotiating your terms of employment.

Recruiting firms work for an employer – not you. Firms search for candidates for one job and the firm’s financial responsibility is to the employer. Firms also have no financial incentive to ensure you, as an individual, win that job offer. Firms will only help you with the opportunity they present you, and if you don’t win the job offer, you start the entire process over, potentially with a different recruiter.

Endeavor works for you – the individual. Our team helps you on multiple job leads and stays with you during your entire journey. We are financially incentivized to help you at every stage of your job search and to create advantages over other candidates seeking the same position(s) as you. We help you secure interviews, win job offers and ultimately, create the best possible outcome for you.

Endeavor recommends a licensed attorney get involved when it’s time to look at legal agreements. You should have good guidance when there is a lot at stake. We encourage you to reach out to your attorney, if you believe they have expertise in the areas needed. If you do not have an attorney, Endeavor can help set up an appointment with an attorney who has the expertise you need.

Endeavor’s partnership model is affordable, even if you are between jobs. We charge a small percentage of the first-year income once a client accepts a new position. This ensures both Endeavor and you are focused on the same thing – your success. We also ask for a small upfront initiation fee, generally $500-$1,000, which is far below our cost of accepting a client and delivery of all our services. This initiation fee helps us confirm each client is serious and committed to our partnership process in order to create a better career outcome.

This fee is invoiced once you accept your new job. Monthly payment options are available.

No. Endeavor can only accept clients who are committed to the partnership approach and are prepared to take the needed actions to find success. Our financial model makes it necessary for us to carefully evaluate a candidate’s marketability and their level of commitment. The services offered by Endeavor are extensive which requires a significant investment from us into our clients. We are delighted to make this investment when we find a committed client who is prepared to do what is necessary to succeed.

Endeavor has helped hundreds of clients who have had bumps in their career paths, including being fired. Each situation merits a careful understanding and the Endeavor team is very happy to listen to see how we can help.

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