“Overqualified? How can that be a real thing?” clients ask frequently.

It’s very real, especially from the eyes of a potential employer. They can see it quickly. You won’t be happy in the role for long. You’re likely taking the job because you have an urgent need to pay your bills. As soon as you are able you will leave. Or worse, you will stay but will be a problem child to all those around you, namely the person to whom you report.
Why do candidates target jobs for which they are overqualified? Usually it’s because their confidence took a hit. They were unexpectedly thrown into the job market and weren’t ready to compete. They aren’t winning the jobs they should be targeting.
What these candidates don’t realize is that it is more difficult to win a job for which they are overqualified. If they simply put in the time and work to sharpen their skills it’s actually easier to win the jobs for which they are a better fit.
If you target jobs that are beneath you and continue losing out it takes a bigger toll on your confidence. From there it’s a downward spiral. The only thing that will break the spiral is to improve the skills and build the confidence.
It’s gratifying to help clients do this every day.
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