New leadership at the top.

Big changes ahead. For many, this can be a scary time full of uncertainty. Where will you fit in the new hierarchy when the deck gets shuffled? Will you have the same level of influence as before? Will you even have a job?
But a regime change can also bring new opportunities. The new CEO might see your value in a much stronger light. There can be new initiatives which you might be the right person to lead.
When new leadership comes in at the top there are usually other senior position changes. This is either because the new CEO wants his own people in key spots, or the person in that spot wants to find something before the ax falls. It presents an opportunity for you to move up.
Times of significant change call for careful planning to steer through successfully. It’s not just about corporate politics and how to play the game. But, if you’re not cognizant of the maneuverings taking place all around you then you will likely have no control over the outcomes. It’s important to have good guidance to help you make the right decisions.
Sometimes it’s the right move to look for another team. However, times of change can also present great opportunities internally. How will you decide your next move?
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