Names are important to people

We all like to hear our names. But, sometimes we run into people who overuse them. They say our names back to us 50 times in a 30 minute conversation.
I’m a big proponent of using someone’s name, especially if I just met them, as it helps cement it in my mind. It’s a great tool to help us remember. A handful of times should do the trick. If it goes more than that it begins to take on a new dimension.
When I come across someone who does this it almost turns into a game of counting how many times they will use my name back to me. I’m not really listening any longer. I’m just keeping a tally with eager anticipation of the next one.
It could lose you the job offer in an interview.
If you were taught this somewhere in a self help program or sales training seminar, reconsider what the trainer was trying to communicate. I doubt the training said, “if one use is good, two is better, and 100 is awesome!”
You can say it back to them to make sure you are pronouncing it correctly. You can ask them about the origin of their name and offer a sincere compliment if appropriate. But then, limit the number of times you use it in a conversation to a level that let’s them focus on you as well.
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