Finding Physician Jobs in Major Metro Cities

Physicians in most specialties find plenty of job openings. There are more opportunities than there are physicians to fill them. However, this is not the case in most major metro areas. Supply and demand is inverted so there are more candidates than there are jobs. Employers don’t need to advertise their positions as aggressively, if at all. If you want to practice in a specific city it requires effective networking skills.

finding physician jobs in MAJOR METRO CITIES

“My whole family is in (insert major metro here) but I haven’t been able to find a position anywhere close for the last few years,” the young surgeon shared with me. “Can you help me with this?”

“Yes, we can,” I shared.

He seemed unconvinced. “I’m confused,” he said. “I’ve spoken to several recruiters who have all said they don’t have anything and that there really aren’t any openings there. Why are you able to help when they can’t?”

“Mainly because I am not a recruiter,” I replied. “Keep in mind, the recruiter is trying to fill the one job an employer hired them to pitch. The vast majority of those assignments are not in the nice major metros. Those practices don’t struggle to find candidates so they don’t need to hire outside recruiting firms.”

“OK. But where do you come in?” the surgeon asked.

“We don’t work for the employer. There are still jobs in the cities for your specialty. The turnover is the same,” I said. “We can help you find those opportunities and get the conversation started because we’re not worried about the employer paying us.”

“So you can help me find jobs even when they’re not posted or outsourced to a recruiter?”

“We do it all the time.” It took a while but now he’s practicing in the city of his choice.

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