Mustering the Courage to See It

It’s one of the core principles for finding success through personal accountability. In the book, The Wisdom of Oz. Roger Connors and Tom Smith share a wonderful parable of the classic movie to illustrate important points.
Personal accountability starts with having the courage to see within ourselves what is holding us back. When we blame everyone else and everything outside of ourselves then we are not facing the truth.
Most of the time, the problem is not outside. It’s within us.
This isn’t meant to be a cause for self deprecation and entrenching a belief that we are bad. Quite the contrary. It’s meant to show that if the issue is something within us then we have the power to change it. If the problems are all external then we have no control over them.
It takes courage to face the truth.
If we reframe the emotions of seeing the truth of our failings from being negative to a positive one, it makes it easier to see it. If we can accurately diagnose what is causing our issues, it should be empowering. Now you can do something about it.
It’s more than courage. It’s creating an environment for welcoming the truth.
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