More than 1,000 applicants!

One of our clients recently shared the in-house recruiter told him more than a thousand people applied to the job. While that sounds like a crazy number, it’s not really out of the ordinary. Executive level postings will routinely draw 300-500 applicants.
The good news is, he’s in the final round.
How did he do it? First, he’s very well qualified for the job. An executive candidate doesn’t even get selected for the first round of interviews unless the qualifications are solid. But, at least half of the applicants were qualified and 25% had strong qualifications. That’s still 250! The employer will likely only phone screen 20-25 at most. Now what?
Break out of the pack.
You can’t afford to blend in. If your application, resume and general approach simply flows with the rest of the crowd there’s a 90% chance you won’t even get the first look.
Don’t blend in.
We have to coax our clients out of their comfort zones to go further than the competition. It’s not easy. They often push back. When they finally learn it’s riskier to “play it safe” than just putting it all out there and going for it, they win.
Break out of the pack, and your own comfort zone, to increase the odds of winning.
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