Leadership is challenging.

Motivating people to do things they would not otherwise do on their own is the core definition of leadership. There are many elements that can be bolted on to flesh out a more complete definition but the core is the same.
It doesn’t matter how good you are at setting the example if no one else is picking up on your example and following suit. It’s meaningless to be the servant leader and help provide others all the tools they need to do the job if they never fully utilize the tools you provide. There are no accolades given leaders who build broad consensus on matters but then no one follows up to do the things in which they agreed.
Leadership requires followers, followers who take the actions you prescribe.
If the actions are self evident and include things they would do whether you told them or not, that’s not really leading. “Today I want you to eat food and breathe regularly.” No problem. Got that covered.
Motivating someone to do something they know they need to but don’t really want to…that’s leadership. If they don’t really want to do it there will likely be push back. That’s what makes leadership so hard.
If you want to be a leader be ready to handle what comes with it.
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