Leaders must build a culture of trust.

Trust is earned and trust is also given. Leaders have to go first and give their trust to those with whom they work. Leaders must build a culture of trust.
This was the message delivered by Stephen M. R. Covey at the Novak Leadership Institute speaker series last evening on the University of Missouri campus, my alma mater. Steven M. R. Covey speaks all over the world on this topic and is a best selling author.
David Novak, the benefactor of the institute bearing his name at Mizzou, built the world’s largest restaurant company, Yum! brands largely on this topic. One of the first things he did when he took over the helm of KFC when it was still part of PepsiCo was share with his leadership team that, “we are going to trust our franchisees.”
This was no small announcement as there had been a lot of strife between the corporation and its franchisees. Trust is a currency that can be exchanged in much the same manner as money. Leaders give trust first and earn trust from those they lead.
Novak shares his leadership philosophy in his book, Taking People With You. I’m excited to see Mizzou building a world class leadership program!
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