Job Seekers Struggle with Loneliness

Job seekers often suffer from loneliness. You feel isolated. There is no one to whom you can readily turn for guidance. The process of looking for a new job causes many emotions to surface. Executives and professionals who were previously strong, confident leaders face new internal challenges. These challenges make the process even more difficult.

The Most Valuable Part of the Service

I thought the most valuable part of the service platform my company offered centered on the training we provided in many areas. We train clients on targeting and identifying better job leads. We help clients find key people on the inside of those targeted companies. Our researchers locate email addresses and LinkedIn profiles for these targeted people. Our agents teach clients how to interview powerfully to proactively drive their value. All of these areas of training have great value. But, these are not the most valuable part of our service offering. The most valuable service we provide is guiding our clients through the sea of emotions they will encounter on their journey.

Emotions of Job Searching

I always knew this was a valuable part of the service but I did not appreciate just how important it was. Every client, no exceptions, struggles with these emotions, especially when they are all alone. The fear of not knowing where to start when you haven’t looked for a job in many years holds us back. The harsh self criticism of remaking our career marketing materials sends candidates into a tailspin that can often last for many weeks. The anxiety of reaching out to people in our existing network to ask for help debilitates our confidence levels. The sheer terror of reaching out to people we don’t know sends shivers down our spines. Frustration sets in when we don’t hear anything back from those to whom we do reach out.

Agents and Team Help You Overcome Emotions

Job seekers accomplish much more when they have someone with them at every step. The agent team helps them overcome these emotions to move forward each day. Our clients share how much they value their agent. The value transcends the knowledge offered by the agent. It goes much deeper. The job seeker client loves most that they are not alone.

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