Job Search

I visited with a senior executive recently about helping him with his job search. He reached out to me on LinkedIn and asked to set up a call. Something wasn’t going right for him.
“I’ve made the finalist round 3 different times in the last 4 months,” he said. “Everything looked great. But, they went with someone else. I don’t understand why.”
I looked at his marketing materials. They were decent but not exciting. His value statement, or elevator pitch, rambled and didn’t move me emotionally. I told him I was confident we could get things turned around.
After I sent him our agreement, he mentioned he had an on-site interview scheduled in about a week. “Great. Let’s get to work,” I said.
Then he turned into a ghost. I followed up several times. “Hey, where did you go? I thought you had an interview you wanted to win,” I asked in my messages.
He finally emailed me back, the day before his interview. “I’m going to try this on my own.” Essentially, he didn’t want to invest in himself, even though our fee model is based on his successful outcome.
Fast forward 6 months. I messaged him on LinkedIn. He finally found a job, but it was a big step backward in his career. That cost him much more than he even realized.
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