Job Search Anchors

Most people have job search anchors that limits their search criteria. For example, Endeavor’s agents regularly encounter this scenario or similar:

“My daughter is a sophomore in high school,” the executive, a chief financial officer, shared in the introductory call. “I can’t move right now.”

Job search anchors like this can have a big impact on most executive job searches. Whether it’s kids in school, elderly parents who need care, a spouse’s career or just a strong preference for a specific location, most people will have some sort of anchor in their job search.

The Endeavor agent asks the executive how they plan to move forward in their job search and balancing their desire for a new job while not leaving their current area.

“I don’t know,” they said. “I was hoping you could help me figure that out.”

The agent discussed the various options available to this client. They could stay in a job they hated for three more years, find a job that allows remote work but will probably require frequent travel, executive commute and get an apartment in a new city, start your own business, or live off savings for the next few years.

“I don’t have enough savings to do nothing, or start my own business. Staying in this job just isn’t an option,” they said. “I think I can do the executive commute. Can you help me negotiate some flexibility in my work schedule?”

Endeavor’s agents have helped many clients build flexibility into their work schedules. It just depends on each situation and how much the new company wants to hire you.

Monday through Thursday, they’re in the office in their new job. They fly home Thursday night and spend a long weekend with family. They made it work.


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