Executive Team Job Searching

New executives often bring their key people with them to the new company. This can present challenges for a candidate as it likely means displacing someone else who currently works in that position. Executives who search as a team need expert guidance to address this.

Job searching as an Executive team.

“It’s a package deal,” the new CEO client shared with me. “When I take a new opportunity I need him on board as my CFO. Can you work with both of us?”

“Of course,” I shared. “It’s pretty common, actually. If you’re the new CEO you have to have your trusted team around you.”

When you reach the C-suite you know the drill. A change over at the top often means a change in the other key positions. It’s no different than when a new head football coach is named in the NFL. There will be turnover in nearly the entire coaching staff.

This particular CEO/CFO team had already led one successful turnaround of a private equity portfolio company. They had nice exit checks for their efforts. More importantly, they had a track record to show the next PE firm they could do the same for them.

We put together a targeting plan to make introductions to PE firms with an interest in the areas of their expertise. A few months later and dozens of get to know you calls there were multiple opportunities to consider. The negotiations played out over a few weeks of back and forth until the CEO had the terms he wanted.

Then, we helped secure his CFO’s agreement. The dynamic duo was off and running ready to take the new company to the moon.

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