It’s the final buildup, the lead in to the close.

Everything for which you’ve prepared in the interview built up to this moment. But then….nothing. You forgot the big payoff.
Your summary of value is an important section of a job interview. It reminds the interviewer why you are the best one for the job. Unfortunately, most candidates fail to do it before ending the meeting.
“Bill, I’ve enjoyed meeting with you today. I want to make sure I leave you with these three things about me (insert summary of value here).”
Rarely do interviewers ask the question, “why should we hire you versus one of the other 20 candidates whom we are considering?” But, you should proactively answer the question that is already in their minds.
Your job in the interview process is to make sure you are memorable in a positive way. Otherwise, you blend with the pack and they forget about you. If they remember nothing else about you make sure they remember your top 3 value points.
Be sure to summarize your value before you close the interview.
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