Job Interviews Should Not Be Interrogations

Job Interviews can sometimes feel like an interrogation. You sit in an uncomfortable chair at the police precinct under a bright light while some dour looking people grill you with questions. “I didn’t do it! I’m innocent!”

Don’t worry. You’re not a suspect for a crime.

If you crack under the pressure you begin to look guilty and raise suspicion. You already know you are a good person who has committed no crime. Relax. Slow everything down. Smile and breathe. Let them see the happy, confident person inside, the one who can do the job well and bring value to their team.

The questions might come from left and right in rapid succession. “Where were you on the night of the 17th? What was your contribution to the company’s success?” You are prepared and have the confidence in sharing your rock solid alibi.

“I was in my office, working with my team to finish the details of our client presentation. We finished our work and went home about 7:30 to get some rest. The good news is we won the contract from the client,” you share.

The inspectors begin to relax. They now see you in a new light. They smile and look at each other. You’re not a crime suspect. You’re the prime suspect to join their team.

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