Interviews are competitions

Unlike other competitive undertakings you rarely get to meet your competitor in person for a head to head match up. Most of the time you don’t even know much about them or how many competitors you face.
But, you can lay subtle traps for them.
No, this isn’t like the mouse trap that causes bodily harm. Rather, it’s a competitive differentiator that other candidates will stumble right into and reinforce your value.
For example, if you are a sales leader you can lay the closing trap. A core skill sales professionals must have is the ability to close for a solid commitment. “I wouldn’t be a credible candidate for a sales leadership position if I didn’t ask you for the job. If a candidate for this position does not close for the job they should be eliminated from consideration. Are you prepared to make me the new VP of Sales?”
There are similar traps for other professions, too.
The interviewers will watch to see if the next candidate who interviews closes for the job. They might even reflect back on previous candidates to remember if they closed.
If you want to win, master these competitive techniques. If not, one of your competitors will.
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