Interviewing is a performance art.

Acting, singing, dancing, comedy, public speaking and athletics are also performance arts. Yes, there are people who can sing well, tell funny jokes or throw a ball very fast without a lot of thought and practice.
But there’s a massive difference between natural talent and mastering a craft.
While it makes complete sense to most who read this, I often must help clients work through this idea on a personal level. Mastering a craft takes work, and a lot of it.
We prepare very talented, well-educated and accomplished executives for interviews. When they come to us they want to go to the next level. They were accustomed to winning at the lower levels. Now they want to break into “the bigs.”
I share with clients the same thing I shared with little league teams I coached. Our time together is team practice. This is where you learn the drills. You master the drills with the thousands of repetitions you do on your own in between team practices.
You can’t just read about it and understand it to master a performance art. You have to practice thousands of times, out loud. A coach can teach you how to do the drill. The repetitious practice to master it is on you.