Interviewing can make you nervous as a job seeker.

When we have nervous energy it tends to make us speed up. The adrenaline kicks in and we rush through things as our minds race.
Slow down. Move at a measured pace. Control your breathing. Reduce your heart rate.
Nervous energy sends signals that you are not confident, feel threatened or are frightened. Interviewers tend to view those traits negatively.
Smile more. It sends visible signals of confidence and helps with your internal confidence as well. Laugh when appropriate. It makes you more approachable and likable. Listen intently to their questions. Ask clarifying questions to buy your brain time to process. Welcome a few seconds of silence while you think. Avoid using filler words to fill the void as they can be distracting.
Nothing helps your confidence more than preparation. It’s why we take the time to help clients anticipate questions and work through their answers. The more mock interviews you can do to get practice verbalizing your answers the better. Research the interviewers thoroughly. Look at their photos ahead of time. It will feel like you are meeting them for the second time.
Slow down. Be at ease. Move at a measured pace and win the offer.
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