If you don’t close in an interview, a lesser qualified candidate will steal your job offer

Closing the deal in an interview is critical. We teach our clients how to close for a commitment to the next step, and the offers, in interviews. All of our clients learn how to close, not just the sales professionals. But, for the sales professionals it’s even more important.
I share with my sales leader clients, “if you don’t ask for a commitment at the end of the interview you should immediately be eliminated from consideration.”
This often catches them off guard. “Why should that cause me to be eliminated?”
“Simple,” I tell them. “If you are a sales leader and do not close strongly then it means you can’t do the job.” Closing is the most important skill a sales professional has. It doesn’t matter how good someone is at building relationships. It doesn’t matter how much product knowledge a salesperson has. However, these things are certainly helpful.
If a salesperson can’t close deals then they aren’t needed. There are plenty of other people who can do those other things. The defining skill of a salesperson is their ability to overcome the fear of rejection and ask someone to make a commitment.
Close in the interview or be eliminated.
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